We are returning to in-person worship services THIS Sunday, June 28, in our newly renovated sanctuary!

The plan for reopening is as follows:

We will have TWO worship gatherings, a 9:30 AM service and an 11 AM service. The 9:30 service, although open to all, will be prioritized for individuals who are more vulnerable as the sanctuary will be clean and unused at that point. We encourage families (including children) to come and worship together at the 11 o’clock service.

We will not be having Sunday School classes at the church campus or using the Garden for Children’s Church.

Each service will last approximately 45 minutes to allow time to clean between the two services. Pews and high-touch areas will be disinfected and/or wiped down and fabric that is laid down on the pew for the first service will be removed for the second service.

We are limiting each worship service to 40 persons and will be closing off two pews in between pews for seating to allow social distancing (6 ft. room around all participants).

We are asking everyone participating in worship to pre-register for the service they are planning to attend by contacting Nancy Tindall at 843-251-9792. Families and other social groups who share homes or are already in close contact during this time can sit with each other, but we are appealing to everyone to practice social distancing.

There will be no congregational/choir singing during worship at this time. Based on public health recommendations, there is concern that singing in an enclosed place for a length of time can make spreading the virus easier.

Offering plates will not be passed around, but will be on a table as you enter through the main front sanctuary door.

All people must wear masks (or nose/mouth coverings) when in the sanctuary for worship. Being in a contained place like our sanctuary suggests we will all be breathing the same air, and if just one asymptomatic carrier of the virus is present, it can circulate through the entire assembly. It would be REALLY helpful if you brought your own mask/face covering but we will have some masks on hand at the church if you don’t have one.

The pastor is planning to preach the sermon without a mask. He will be socially distant, 15+ feet from everyone. This decision was prayerfully made knowing that a number of people read the pastor’s lips as a help in hearing him.

Small children (under four years old or so) should probably NOT put on a mask, because of the potential of choking, but parents are asked to make sure their children practice social distancing.

If you are sick, feeling under the weather or have cough or fever, please worship with us through the live stream and not come to worship in the sanctuary.

At the request of Public Health, our ushers will be taking attendance at all worship services.

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